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Paulownia Tomentosa

Paulownia is a genre of scrophularia popularly known as figwort. It is originally from India, but it is also diffused in Italy either as a cultivated plant or one that grows spontaneously.

They are tall deciduous trees (between 3 to 15metres) of majestic status with very beautiful flower blossoms. They are most widely grown in parks and gardens. The plant, as a whole, is a small treasure for environmentalists. It has been discovered that with its rapidly developing root system, the tree is suitable for reforestation of land that is threatened by erosion. Its peculiar characteristics have, for years, transformed it into a plant which is almost obligatory in parks and gardens.

The enormous leaves and the big crown which grow continuously provide dense shades where people can rest in the public places. As a result, Paulownia parks are cool and pleasant places to escape from the heat and dusts of the big cities. Furthermore, as the leaves have a diameter of almost 75cm, their metabolism requires notable quantities of carbon dioxide. Consequently, they release enormous quantities of oxygen into the atmosphere during photosynthesis, an element which is inevitable for human existence.

Evironmental Protection

The protection of the landscape heritage of Acerra, has been, since 2008, an unavoidable commitment which Agriselva has undertaken together with some friends and some good companies in the territory. The intention is to defend the city from uncontrolled and most often, unjustified media violence which is seen in the generalized discrimination of the indigenes, agriculture and the environment. The company had earlier been active in protection of the environment with its own private means, alerting the right corporate bodies about any bush fires or abandoned garbage. The constant presence of promotion, support and concrete protest events, sustained by the participation of government corporations, the church and the associated citizens have produced what we, in Agriselva, have promised. These are peaceful protests, PAULOWNIA project DE.CO, KEEP CAMPANIA SAFE campaign and other important ones which are still being elaborated.


Denominazione Comunali (DE.CO.) allows the local community councils the right to regulate, within the administrative guidelines, the traditional agro-alimentary activities. This regulatory body can decide how a product is elaborated and they can evaluate traditional methods of production with the aim of creating an exclusivity for any local community. Its activities conform with those of the European regulatory counterparts (Denominazioni Europee, DOP; IGP). This is a very good instrument to maintain checks and balances in a particular territory.


In the development plan of action and cohesion, the Campania region of Italy has approved of the feasibility plan, “Terra dei Fuochi”, (Land of Fires) with the directive 437 of 20th June, 2014.

The project plan provides a re-launch of the image of the agricultural sector and the absolute quality of its products through targeted integrated communication. At the same time, the region wants to give help to agro-alimentary industries by means of specialized services so that they can be equipped with necessary tools to trace and certify the healthiness of their products.