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Sources of “Riullo Spring”

In the Calabricito locality of Acerra, in the area called “Collinetta”, there are springs gurgling as if they are boiling. This characteristic explains the origin of the name. The local people call it “Vullo” the boiling gurgle, hence the name “Riullo” that boils incessantly.

In 2006, the spring sources which were said to have dried up, suddenly started flowing again, though for only about three months. Then they dried up again, only to start flowing in 2013 and disappearing after a few months. 2014 saw a new issue of water from the sources, retreating in October of that year and reappearing again in the following spring season. It is also called the “Miraculous Source”. A lot of people believe so, but it is not particularly well-known among the indigenes of Acerra, notwithstanding the history.

In reality, “Riullo” is a font of thermal water, laden with sulphur, which is a particularly useful element in the treatment of skin pathologies. Moreover, not