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The Structure

The desire to bring genuine quality products to our customers’ tables has given rise to the realization of a packaging system which allows us to manage and monitor of the entire productive process i.e. from farm to the dining table. The realization of a corporate platform has given rise to a collective group project. This platform allows to program the logistics, the packaging and the conservation methods with our trading partners. Direct control at every stage of the process is possible thanks to our qualified workforce.

We have got a covered surface area of 1000 square meters and an open space of 5000 square meters. The covered area is articulated into two floors. On the ground floor, there are the operating offices and the packaging area where we have installed 3 refrigerating cells and 9 sorting and packaging lines with a production capacity of 3000 quintals per day. A meeting room and all administrative offices are located on the first floor. The entirely cemented open space is reserved for lorries loading and off-loading and parking for visitors.